carpet cleaning services Fort Wayne Indiana

Professional Carpet Cleaning Fort Wayne Indiana

carpet cleaning fort wayne in
carpet cleaning Fort Wayne IN
carpet cleaning service Fort Wayne IN
carpet cleaning service Fort Wayne IN
carpet cleaning fort wayne

Good day, and welcome to Hadley’s Advanced Clean!

While new to our growing Fort Wayne community, we are not to the cleaning industry of carpet, upholstery and hard surface floor cleaning. With over 30 years in experience, our family owned and operated business expanded from its beginnings in janitorial and residential cleaning, to what we are today. What has not changed is our belief in serving and treating others as we would like to be treated – reliable, honest, realistic conduct and workmanship. We strive to do what is right for our customers.

Colossians 3:23 – Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.

“The Bitterness Of Poor Quality Remains Long After The Sweetness Of A Low Price Is Forgotten”

When asked upon startup, ‘Why advanced?’

With over 30 years in experience, we have used the variety of cleaning methods in the industry –

hot water extraction (HWE), organic dry compounds, dry foam, encapsulation, probiotic sanitation, orbital pad systems (OP).  We saw the…

  • Greatest overall results & longer lasting cleanliness 
  • Greatest satisfaction from our clients 
  • Most growth in our business 
  • Received the most raving reviews (all 5 stars!) & Readers’ Choice Awards 

… when we adapted to the use of very low moisture (VLM) cleaning, or what we have termed ‘Deep Low Moisture Extraction.’  Due to factors of condition, material type, soil load, and frequency of cleaning regiments, our approach to your cleaning issues is not a one size fits all solution.  While we do adapt our cleaning methods to the needs of the situation, within reason, we often utilize orbital pad systems…

Tired of stains returning after cleaning?  Tired of soggy floors for hours or days after cleaning?

  • Dries Fast! Ready to use in about an hour – regardless of the weather! 
  • No Mildew – Mold Growth Risks. 
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solutions & Water Wise Methods. 
  • Cleans Deep. Removes More Stains. 
  • No Sticky Residue. Stays Cleaner Longer. 
  • Breaks Down Odor.
  • Low Decibel Cleaning Equipment – About as noisy as a vacuum, so you (and your neighbors) will not need to vacate in order to preserve your eardrums!

We provide an Eco-friendly, child and pet safe carpet cleaning service, that will rejuvenate your carpets, furniture, tile, laminate and vinyl floors – leaving them fresh, clean, healthy, and beautiful!
We know there are lots of carpet cleaners to choose from, but if you’re ready for beautiful, clean, dry, fresh and allergen-free carpets, give us a try. We’re proving that low moisture cleaning is the best, safest and healthiest method available. Our cleaning system is environmentally friendly and our products are green, natural, non-toxic, detergent free, and hypo-allergenic.

We Keep it Simple and Straightforward
Our goal is to provide you a comfortable, worry-free cleaning experience! Unlike the services offered by most carpet cleaning companies, at Hadley’s – general stain treatments are included at no additional charge. And with Hadley’s Advanced Clean you will always receive a to the penny quote before we start the job. No hidden add-ons, no hidden fees, no surprises, no games!

Listen to what our happy customers have to say!

  • They did a fantastic job and my carpets looked almost new! They were kind and courteous and efficient!
– Melinda Gray, March 18, 2021
  • We have always admired your hard work and focus on customer service. Two traits that have become rare commodities in today’s world. It was a pleasure having you in our home all these years.

– Mark A., 3/31/2023

  • Professional service expertly done. The team was on time and very considerate of elderly mother. Carpet was clean and dry in record time.
– Pierre Stovall, October 25, 2022
  • Great job, very professional and nice, good to see awesome customer service still exists, would recommend without any reservation !!
    – Lisa Bishop-Akins, January 29, 2019
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carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning fort wayne in

Our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Guarantee
We offer a 30-Day Clean Carpet Guarantee. The beauty of the Hadley’s Advanced Clean Guarantee is its simplicity, yet it still provides all the protection you deserve. “If you’re unhappy with any service provided, just call us within 30 days and we will come back and re-clean it free of charge.”

carpet cleaning service Fort Wayne Indiana

Hadley’s is here to serve you. We have extensive experience in a variety of commercial settings – from banks, schools, dental / medical offices, even at an aquarium! We are highly experienced in the most effective commercial floor cleaning techniques in the industry.

Services offered include…
• Very Low Moisture (VLM) & Encapsulation Bonnet Extraction Carpet Cleaningcarpet cleaning service
• Upholstery Cleaning
• Stain & Odor Treatment
• Fabric Protection
• Composite, Laminate, Vinyl Floor Cleaning
• Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning

Fast dry times! No reappearing stains! No mold and mildew issues!
The Hadley’s deep cleaning process (sometimes referred to a VLM or very low moisture) means that the carpets can be walked on almost immediately after a cleaning, so our clients can resume life, work and play!

The Hadley’s Difference
Choosing Hadley’s offers the peace of mind knowing that your facility’s floors will be clean and well maintained the first time, the right way. You’ll be prolonging the life of your investment and your corporate image will be enhanced and acknowledged. We will keep your work environment looking great, smelling fresh, well-maintained and problem free!
As a leading provider in commercial carpet cleaning and floor maintenance services, we have an outstanding reputation for quality and integrity. We provide first-in-class floor cleaning solutions in any commercial setting.

Hadley’s Commercial Cleaning offers:
• Cleaning services to suit your needs and budget – we can create a program to clean once, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or whenever suits you best.
• Green, environmentally friendly cleaning products to help prevent allergies and safeguard the health of employees and clients.
• Quiet, efficient and effective commercial floor cleaning services.
• FREE service quotes and consultations

Residential Services – Carpet Cleaning
If you’re ready to love your carpets again, it’s time to call Hadley’s… your Cleaner, Greener, Drier, Healthier carpet cleaning professional!
Our cleaning process always includes; moving (within reason) of light furniture, thorough vacuuming, pre-treatment of all stains and heavily soiled areas, deep cleaning with our signature low moisture extraction system, grooming to give your carpets that beautiful new carpet look and feel, along with a final walkthrough inspection. Our service comes with no awkward add-ons, upsells, or surprises. Call us today and you’ll love your carpets again!
We specialize in Low Moisture, Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning that’s cleaner, and safer!
Hadley’s is a locally owned, service focused, and dependable Carpet Cleaner who shows up on time and does what we say we will do. We leave your floors and upholstery dry in no time!

How We Provide A Superior Carpet Cleaning

  • We power vacuum your carpets, lift the pile and dry extract all loose soil, dust and allergens.
  • We’ll pre-treat all obvious stains.
  • We apply a soap free, detergent free, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and odor free encapsulating pre-treatment to safely emulsify any remaining stains.
  • We deep clean your carpet while removing allergy-causing contaminants, stains and particulates, using deep extraction carpet cleaning equipment that
  • thoroughly cleans and extracts from the bottom up.

Besides the huge benefit of not having to cope with wet carpet for hours, or days, there are numerous other benefits of low moisture dry carpet cleaning. Perhaps most important is the avoidance of over wetting. Over wetting can promote bacterial growth, mildew, mold, and also weaken / delaminate the carpet backing. Carpet is glued together with a latex adhesive, which over time will disintegrate when exposed to excessive hot water, and pressure. Excessive moisture can activate odors that have been dormant. Also, stains will not reappear after low moisture extraction because there is very low, to no risk of “wicking.” When water is sprayed into the carpet under great pressure, gravity pulls it and the loosened soil to the bottom of the carpet. As this wet soil begins to evaporate, the carpet fibers serve as a wick and the wet soil begins to migrate back to the surface of the carpet causing the stains to reappear. Reappearing spots do not occur when the moisture is controlled with Hadley’s cleaning system. Our cleaning leaves no dirt-attracting, sticky residue, so the carpet actually remains cleaner for a longer period of time.

Carpet & Upholstery Protectant

We can apply carpet and upholstery protectants. Protectors are very important in extending the life of your carpet or upholstery. They protect against acid-based stains, the type of stains that can permanently stain your carpet and upholstery fabrics, such as:

  • Colored fruit drinks Soft drinks
  • Frozen fruit treats and other colored foods
  • It revitalizes soil/stain protection on stain-resistant carpeting.
  • It protects against dirt, dust, grime. It makes your vacuuming more efficient.
  • The protectors “seal” your carpeting and upholstery so the spills don’t quickly soak into the fibers, allowing them to be easily blotted up. Dirt particles don’t cling, so vacuuming is easier and more efficient. This reduces the likelihood of a permanent stain.
  • These protectants will protect against almost anything you can track in or eat.
  • All of our protectants are safe for pets and children.
  • You can rest assured, we operate within the provisions of the manufacturer’s warranty.
    Let us help protect your new carpet and upholstery from pet stains, worn-looking traffic areas, soils and spills.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do to prepare before the carpet cleaning appointment?
    Remove any small or breakable objects.  We will move most light furniture, but we ask that you handle the smaller stuff – things like knickknacks, breakables, and toys.  It is also helpful to have an open and accessible walkways.
  • Do you call ahead before you arrive?
    Absolutely!  The day before your appointment you will receive a reminder email (if you booked online) and a courtesy call, if you would like. We will also call before we arrive.
  • What time will you arrive?
    Punctuality is important to us! We make every attempt to arrive right on schedule.  There are rare occasions that we may be running either a little ahead or behind.  This should not be longer than about 30 minutes and you will receive a phone call letting you know our status.
  • Will you move furniture?
    When it comes to moving furniture…  to ensure the safety of your belongings, and preservation of our backs, we will move furniture within reason and safety, such as couches and coffee tables, and will be returned to their places with protective padding upon completion of our service.  Items such as antiques, electronics, china hutches, pianos, plants, fragile items, etc. will need to be moved ahead of time.
  • Can you get all the stains out?
    We do our best to evaluate and provide the best / worst case scenario up front, and proceed with your permission, to safely treat and remove all we can.  But there are scenarios where complete stain removal cannot be achieved nor guaranteed, due to factors of age of the stain(s), condition of the carpet / upholstery, and previous treatment methods (if any).  In some cases the carpet fibers have actually been damaged, bleached, or tinted – making stain removal unlikely.
carpet cleaning services in Fort Wayne


Payment is due upon completion of services rendered. We accept the 3 C’s (and in order of preference) – Cash, Check, Charge. With cash, we do not carry change. All checks and payment should be made payable to Hadley’s Advanced Clean. If you need to leave before services have concluded, you need to provide a payment method. Payment/Billing may be prearranged for some commercial accounts. Gratuity is accepted but not expected – if you would like to tip, please tip directly, not included in the services payment. A fee will be charged for any returned check. After 30 days a finance charge of 10% is added onto the total of any unpaid balance. A written invoice will be provided upon completed services, unless an email copy is preferred.